2019 Fall Baller Street Hockey Tournament!

Fall Baller

Mark your calendars!
The 1st annual Fall Baller tournament will take place on Sunday, September 15th at Waymer Park!
Format will be 4v4 Ironman style (team roster 4 runners +1 goalie). You can register as a team or if you cannot find or form a team, you can register as a free agent and we will try and make as many house teams as possible to accommodate those players.
Registration kick-off date to be announced soon but start working on those teams today!

CSHL Update: It’s (almost) official!

As some of you know, there has been a dedicated effort going on behind the scenes to improve the league and its status in the community. We would like to take a little time and update the masses on our efforts.

In January we rebranded ourselves as Charlotte Street Hockey League (formerly Charlotte Street Hockey). Along with this subtle name change came the refocusing of our group to an actual ball hockey league instead of a primarily pick-up league (and the occasional tournament). This was implemented to allow us a revenue stream in order to tackle various initiatives.

First on the agenda was to move us from just a random Facebook group to a legitimate organization. To that effect, we’d like to announce that we are now registered with the State of North Carolina and the IRS as a non-profit organization! This will change the dynamic of the league itself as we now have a board and board members making decisions instead of only one person. This is our current board structure but there will be other board and committee positions available in the future based on need and any initiatives we launch:

Chief Executive Officer – Lou Harvatin
Chief Operating Officer – Sean Colas
Chief Financial Officer and Secretary – Imran Farooqi

Additionally, with our non-profit status, we will be able to secure sponsorships, participate in community outreach programs in order to strengthen our ties to the area (and as a result build membership), and have a bit more credibility when presenting proposals to local governments for better ball/street hockey facilities (more on that below). I would like to give a huge thanks to league member Imran Farooqi for donating a lot of his time to the legal work that goes into such a process!

Next up on the docket is the biggest and most common challenge that we’ve faced in our 8 plus years of existence. That is (let’s say it all together now) finding a place to host league games! I know what you are saying, “but we have pick-up games at the YMCA, why can’t we hold league games there?” Unfortunately, the YMCA does not rent out their facilities to outside leagues or programs (our pick-up games are kind of a cooperative between the league and the YMCA). We have been playing in Huntersville (Waymer Park) off and on since our very first game in 2010 so naturally, this seemed like a good place to start. Recently a few representatives of the league met with the Huntersville parks and recreation department. In short, it went very well. They were very receptive and have a high interest in our concept for improving Waymer Park to make it more conducive to hosting league games (adding fencing to full enclosure of the court, adding sport court surface, etc.) We even recruited one of the maintenance representatives to play with us! This is a huge step forward for the league and we could be just a few sponsors away from getting things done. I would like to thank league member Rob Bini for taking the initiative to draw up the proposals and presenting this to the Huntersville P&R. This will pay huge dividends for us in the future!

The future….(cue the freaky electronic music)

Once we have a better facility to host our league, the sky is the limit! A better surface will attract more players as their equipment won’t wear excessively, as happens on the current asphalt. Full enclosure of the court will allow more fluid game play as well (i.e. those pesky corners, behind the goals and the player bench area). And while this is all well and fine for us old goats, as Whitney Houston sang, “I believe the children are our future”. A major initiative that we would pursue would be holding youth hockey camps (think “learn to play hockey” programs) and eventually hosting something like a 12U league. With the leadership we have in place and a genuine facility to play in, this will be entirely possible. Lagrange Street Hockey in our neighbor state of Georgia has a focus on youth programs and introducing kids to the greatest sport on the planet. You never know where the next great USBHA or even NHLer will come from!

I do want to take the time personally like to thank each player in our Winter 2019 league for taking the leap with us and getting things started. Your league fees went directly to the non-profit application process! I would especially like to thank all 4 of the captains, who happen to be a few of the senior members of the league: Drew Cswaykus, Rob Bini, Jerry Janiga and last but certainly not least, Darren Monaco. Without your help, this first season of the CSHL would not be possible! I would also like to thank all that have volunteered their services this season, be it the thankless job of refereeing, score and timekeeping, or helping set up the court for league games. This has been a true team effort and I love seeing members step up and take initiative!

In summary, we are in a great position right now and the future looks bright for the CSHL and street hockey in Charlotte. Let’s keep the ball rolling!


Lou Harvatin
CEO Charlotte Street Hockey League

CSH(L) Update:

Lots of things going on behind the scenes here at Charlotte Street Hockey of late.
The non-profit application process has begun. This will make us a bit more of a legitimate organization which will allow us to do many things (fundraising, charity work, etc.) along with presenting potential venues with an established league….
…which dovetails nicely into announcement #2 which is that we are working to establish an actual league, run by us, played (initially at least) at Waymer Park. We are shooting for January/February start date. There will be more details at the Almost Winter Classic…
…which leads to the third announcement which is that we are changing the name up a bit and moving from a group page to a more “business” like page. The name change is obvious as we want to present ourselves more as a league going forward and the move to business page is mostly for much better analytics and further reach than a regular group page.
I’ll need everyone on here that reads this post to “like” our new CSHL page (click here for link). The changeover will be officially January 1st (the group page will be “closed” and new visitors will be referred to the new page.) I’ll be posting in both pages until that date.
Thank you all for your cooperation during this transition and keep your eyes peeled for league info soon!


2018 Almost Winter Classic: Captains and Prizes!

The captains for the 2018 AWC are as follows:

  • Brent Chaplin
  • Bryan Bergner
  • Imran Farooqi
  • Kevin Meland
  • Mike Tanczos
  • Nick Rose

As you have heard, we nabbed some sponsors this year so now we can give away some decent rewards for a hard fought day of hockey.
All members of the winning team will receive:
~ A gift card to The Percantile and Creamery in Concord
~ A snazzy 2018 AWC t-shirt
~ 2 tickets to a Charlotte Checkers hockey game

As we did last year, we will have a donation jar for the MS Society in the name of one of our former teammates, Rafael Souffront. Anyone who donates (regardless of amount) is eligible for the following prizes:
~2 donators will receive a 2018 AWC t-shirt
~1 lucky donator will receive a pair of tickets to a Charlotte Checkers hockey game

I would like to again thank our sponsors for their generosity!
~The Percantile and Creamery
~Fusion Law
~Dan McKenna Homes


2018 Almost Winter Classic update:

Only 1 more week until the Almost Winter Classic draft tournament invites are sent via Opensports.net! Here’s how it will go down for the open 6 goalie and 60 runner positions:

*Sunday November 11th: Goalies and the 2017 championship team members ONLY will be invited. They will have 24 hours to sign up before the next invite block drops…

*Monday November 12th: Runners that have participated in pick-up games this year will be invited.

*Sunday November 18th: CSH Opensports members that have NOT played in any games this year will be invited IF all 60 runner positions have not been filled. If they have been filled, I will create a “reserve runners” sign up so that in case some players bow out for whatever reason, we’ll have players to take their place. I will do the same for goalies.

The AWC will be FREE as always (donations are always welcome). We will, as we did last year, have a donation jar for the MS Society in memory of Rafael Souffront, for whom our trophy is named. There will be a little incentive this year as each donator will be entered in a drawing to win a prize (at present not sure what the prizes will be yet or how many we’ll have).

Also, the winning team will have a slew of prizes bestowed upon them, compliments of our sponsors. Those will be revealed in the coming weeks as will the this years team captains.

And the *real* reason everyone looks forward to this tournament…my wife’s almost famous chili will once again make an appearance! Pulled pork and other vittles will also be on the menu.

5 game guarantee (4 round robin + at least one elimination game). Tourney games will run from 10am until 3pm (“schoolyard draft” is at 9:30 so plan to arrive early).

Looking forward to hosting this as always. Please be sure to have your notifications on for Opensports.net!