CSHL Waymer Cup Playoffs!

Waymer Cup Playoffs

The Fall 2013 Waymer Cup Playoffs (best-of-3 series’) will be played on October 12th (see schedule below).


NOTE there is the possibility that 6 games will be played that day. In the essence of time please be sure to be at the park BEFORE YOUR GAMES BEGIN! The first game will begin at 9am SHARP!!!

GOALIES: Respect your team and plan on playing! Since there may be so many games played, I’d rather not have a situation where all 4 teams have to share 2 goalies. That’s not fair to the teams or the goalies that do show up.

PLAYOFF GAME RULES: Regulation time rules are the same as it has been for the regular season. OVERTIME: 4 on 4, full 8 minute periods, sudden death. Subsequent periods will be played until a team scores a goal. Clock will stop on goalie covers, etc. in the last 2 minutes of each OT period (3rd period rules).

LEAGUE MVP: I wanted to include the playoffs for this award (unlike the NHL). Peer vote…somehow. Details later.

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