RSHL Ironman Tournament

It’s that time of year already. Time for the Raleigh Street Hockey League Ironman Tournament!

RSHL Iron Man

Raleigh Street Hockey League has an semi-annual Iron Man tournament at the beginning and middle of the year. This is a great tournament to get some friends and put together a team.  There are multiple levels of play and a guaranteed amount of games. All players are encouraged to create or join a team.  The rules of Iron Man are simple. The tournament follows the same RSHL rules with only a few exceptions:

-Games are 12 minutes long.
-Clock is non stop.
-Only 5 players and a goalie per team. NO SUBS.
-No offsides.
-Icing is in effect.
-Every penalty is a penalty shot.
-Delay of games are quickly enforced.
-With the exception of goalies, players can only play in one division (new for 2013)

All games have referees. Last team standing wins.

Sunday January 5th 2014!
Start times TBA (9am ish)
Cost is $180 per team ($30 per player).
Sign up sheets due buy DECEMBER 30th. NO LATER!


If you are interested, fill out the form below and we’ll see if we can form another team (there is one already going up from our group)

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