A letter from the commish…

Hi folks!

Let’s start on a good note…attendance at weekend pick-up games has been great the last several weeks! Not sure why but I’d say the nicer weather may have something to do with it.

As you know by now, we are on our 4th year of weekly pick-up games/tourney’s/league games. Some of it has gone smoothy, some of it…not so much (I’m looking at YOU Fall 2013 League).

All and all, I think we have a great bunch of guys (and girls) that enjoy all the fun and camaraderie that comes with being in our group. That being said, there is always room for improvement…

The most obvious improvement would be, of course, a decent place to play. Yes, Waymer has served us well since the Winter of 2010. But as you know by now, this is not a perfect place to play for many reasons. We all know what they are so I won’t bother to list them here.

I’ve been working diligently on Huntersville Parks & Rec…letting them know of our plight, offering solutions and filling them in on how much a facility could/would be used, based on our growing numbers alone. Unfortunately, government runs at a pace slower than molasses in Alaska and I have yet to have any meaningful dialog (or even a response) at this point.

So, I have a “mission” for the members in the group that are as dedicated and visionary as I am that would love to see a purpose built street hockey court of some kind built and used. Since we have had a huge influx of new members (and seems to be growing weekly) this “mission” may be easier and more fruitful.

Your mission….keep your eyes and ears open for new places to play! Huntersville may be a dead horse so keep a lookout for any place that you think may be a good alternative to Waymer Park. Here’s what to look for:

–          Fully enclosed court (i.e. little used basketball or tennis court)

–          Smooth surface (relative to Waymer)

–          Safe neighborhood

Also, in the event that Huntersville (or some other local town) is interested in creating such a facility (or converting an old one), shoot some ideas my way in regards to fundraising or locating some locals with deep pockets. One thing I have realized in pitching this to the City of Charlotte is that the more money that YOU can provide, the more receptive they are. No, it’s not right…but that’s the way it is.

Any other ideas you may have, please send my way. There is a form below this post so do not comment on here please.

Thanks for your time as always. I’m optimistic that someday we will have a permanent place to play but in the meantime, let’s keep the numbers up and show ‘em that street hockey is alive and well in the Charlotte area!



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