A New Hope

Breakaway Sports Logo

Greetings all!

I am happy to announce that CSH has entered in an agreement with Breakaway Sports in Charlotte and will be staging pick-up games beginning Saturday June 28th!

It’s been a long time coming to be able to play in a facility such as this one. With our steady numbers at weekly pick-up along with the “youth” movement, we felt it was time to put the feelers out to see if it would be viable to play at Breakaway.

Mark Abarelli (father of Nina and Adam) contacted Keith at Breakaway early this week and laid the groundwork for the group to play there on a trial basis (once a month?) at a reduced cost per player. I finalized the details with Keith this afternoon. To boil it down, Keith would like to grow street/ball/dek hockey and our group can certainly funnel players that way. I would still be doing the scheduling, event invites, twitter/web/email, etc. It would be similar to our relationship with the Morrison YMCA.

There are many benefits to playing there.

  • indoors (air conditioned)
  • full boards, glass, sport court, bleachers, scoreboard (and scorekeeper).
  • locker rooms
  • pool table, air hockey
  • vending machines
  • “centrally located”. I did a quick check of how long it would take from where most everyone lives and all (except for RJ and Brendan) are within 20-30 minutes.


  • Shins and gloves I believe are required. Helmet is optional (you will have to sign a waiver). If you do not have any of the mentioned equipment they have a bunch available to rent.


  • Initially the cost will be a paltry $5 per session (2-3 hours). The price will increase (not by much) the more the program grows (maybe $7 or $8 was mentioned by Keith).


I think the timing is perfect for some games there. Lets see how it goes! Myself (and others in the group) are still working on the surrounding municipalities with the intent to have a public facility built in some shape or form.

I would like to thank Mark for doing a lot of legwork with this. He and a few others have been pretty passionate about finding a good facility to play for us and future generations!

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS please email me using the form below. If I can’t answer your question then I can surely get the info from Keith.

Thanks everyone and see y’all next Saturday at the indoor rink!


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