IMPORTANT NOTES on Breakaway Sports

Well, we’ve played a few times at Breakaway sports and the numbers have been very encouraging (30+)! That’s great turnout! If we can keep a steady turnout then I think we may have a new Saturday home.

One note of concern. It seems that the physical play has escalated a bit the 2 times we have played there. Please keep in mind that this is just pick-up hockey. The players are not wearing any protective equipment beyond gloves and shin guards. Since Breakaway has kindly waived the mandatory helmet rule for us, there is a greater potential for injury . If this continues, they will be forced to reinstate the helmet rule, which would suck considering a small handful of us actually own helmets. And who really wants to wear one if they don’t have to. I really don’t want this to happen. Also, anyone that the staff and owner believes is playing too rough and endangering other players safety will be subject to ejection from the rink and premises. I don’t want this to happen either. We’ve been playing together for 4 years now with very few incidents beyond some hurt feelings. Let’s play smart.

Thank you.

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