News and Notes

Here are a few things in the works:

  • Obviously pick-up at Breakaway Sports has been a runaway success! In light of this I have scheduled all August Saturday pick-up games there. The fate of pick-up games at Waymer is at this time undecided. However, one option would be for another person to be “in charge” of Sunday Waymer pick-up (which means mainly “in charge” of storing/hauling the nets to the park and back).
  • Even though we found an indoor venue for our antics, I (and a few others) are still working on finding a suitable outdoor venue as well as getting in touch with local towns to see if a public rink or court is feasible.
  • I’m attempting to change over to a common scheduling format (something like Evite). This will help get an accurate headcount since I cover 3 different platforms for recruiting and scheduling. Probably starting with the August 2nd pick-up, I will be posting the invite on the Charlotte Street Hockey web page and then posting the link to Twitter, Facebook and email list.
  • Breakaway Sports is planning an Ironman sometime in August. One of the pick-ups scheduled may be affected.
  • Breakaway Sports has also been kicking around the idea of a league in the fall. I’ll keep you posted on any happenings there.
  • The Almost Winter Classic: the venue for this is TBD. Part of me says it should still be played at Waymer but another says an AWC at Breakaway could make it a “real” event. My intent is to keep it free as it has always been so maybe some corporate $ponsorship is in order? More to come.

As always, thanks to all who support this group by showing up and playing! I think that due to our popularity we have (finally) outgrown our roots at Waymer Park. That being said, I’m sure there are a few purists among us that will gladly play in the great outdoors once in a while. We’ll see how pick-ups go this month and go from there.


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