#HockeyMorningInCharlotte goes Back to Belmont!


At long last, Hockey Morning in Charlotte returns to Davis Park in Belmont, NC beginning this upcoming Saturday! John Rowley represented our group well when tasked with communicating our cause to the Belmont Parks & Recreation/Facility departments. Thank you John!

To break everything down, we do have permission to once again use the empty court in Davis Park for our pick-up games. This is contingent on our ability to be respectful and not disturb any of the tennis activities that may go on there (especially on Saturdays from what I gather) while we are playing. We haven’t received any specific rules or direction when it comes to this so I would say as long as we are not too loud, keep profanity to a minimum, clean up after ourselves, etc. I think we should be able to keep playing there.

I will bring a copy of the official email that gives us permission. I’ll give a few copies to Drew so in the event that I am on there, someone will have “proof” that we are permitted to play there. Hopefully the resident tennis pro will show us the same level of respect that we are to show him and his students.

If it does turn out that our games and the tennis lessons clash too much, we may have to move HMiC back to Sunday mornings but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.



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