Disappointing development regarding pick-up games at Belmont.


Well, it looks like this upcoming Sunday will be our FINAL pick-up at the Davis Park tennis courts in Belmont, NC. Below is the official email:

Lou: Good morning. I wanted to inform you that our Belmont Parks and Recreation Board met last night for their monthly parks review meeting. After reviewing the current situation with our tennis courts and looking to move forward with our newly proposed renovations for these courts, the board asked that I send you a notice that your roller hockey group can no longer use the lower portion of those retired courts. The board felt that it interferes with on-going tennis lessons as well as scheduled tennis games at unknown times and they’re looking to remodel the lower section with new practice walls and installing some additional practice netting.
We wish your group well in finding another location and we apologize for any inconvenience in this decision.

Thanks Lou for your understanding

David Isenhour
Public Works Director

I guess you can’t fight city hall…or the mean tennis instructor.
Feel free to email Mr. Isenhour (keep it respectful as he’s been a proponent of ours) about this decision. Maybe some additional voices other than my own will serve them notice.

So, one last hurrah this Sunday in Belmont. Let’s have a HUGE showing to let them know what they’ll be missing out on.




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