2017 Almost Winter Classic Ball Hockey Draft Tournament

2016 Almost Winter Classic Champions – Whalers!

The time has finally come…
The official sign-up for the 2017 Almost Winter Classic Ball Hockey Draft Tournament is below! (Time and date are in the body of the sign-up)
Let’s go over a few details:
• There are 6 starting goalie spots open. If by chance you are a goalie and did not sign up in time, there are also “alternate goalie” slots open as well. In case a starter can’t play, the first “alt-goalie” will move up to the starter spot.
• We are optimistically looking to fill 60 runner spots (6 teams, 10 runners each). We’ve been getting 20+ at regular pick-up games so this number does not seem out of reach. **If you are signing up for more than one person, please include their full name in the “comments” section.
• Registration ends Friday, November 24th at midnight. **No sign-ups will be accepted after that time unless we need to fill empty roster spots.
Reminder: if you cannot play for the entirety of the tournament (11:30 till 4pm including the pre-tournament draft and post-tourney eats), please do not sign up. This is in fairness to the teams as no one wants to have a player just leave in the middle leaving them a man or more short.
Format, rules and a somewhat special announcement will be posted in the coming weeks.



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