2018 Almost Winter Classic update:

Only 1 more week until the Almost Winter Classic draft tournament invites are sent via Opensports.net! Here’s how it will go down for the open 6 goalie and 60 runner positions:

*Sunday November 11th: Goalies and the 2017 championship team members ONLY will be invited. They will have 24 hours to sign up before the next invite block drops…

*Monday November 12th: Runners that have participated in pick-up games this year will be invited.

*Sunday November 18th: CSH Opensports members that have NOT played in any games this year will be invited IF all 60 runner positions have not been filled. If they have been filled, I will create a “reserve runners” sign up so that in case some players bow out for whatever reason, we’ll have players to take their place. I will do the same for goalies.

The AWC will be FREE as always (donations are always welcome). We will, as we did last year, have a donation jar for the MS Society in memory of Rafael Souffront, for whom our trophy is named. There will be a little incentive this year as each donator will be entered in a drawing to win a prize (at present not sure what the prizes will be yet or how many we’ll have).

Also, the winning team will have a slew of prizes bestowed upon them, compliments of our sponsors. Those will be revealed in the coming weeks as will the this years team captains.

And the *real* reason everyone looks forward to this tournament…my wife’s almost famous chili will once again make an appearance! Pulled pork and other vittles will also be on the menu.

5 game guarantee (4 round robin + at least one elimination game). Tourney games will run from 10am until 3pm (“schoolyard draft” is at 9:30 so plan to arrive early).

Looking forward to hosting this as always. Please be sure to have your notifications on for Opensports.net!

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