CSH(L) Update:

Lots of things going on behind the scenes here at Charlotte Street Hockey of late.
The non-profit application process has begun. This will make us a bit more of a legitimate organization which will allow us to do many things (fundraising, charity work, etc.) along with presenting potential venues with an established league….
…which dovetails nicely into announcement #2 which is that we are working to establish an actual league, run by us, played (initially at least) at Waymer Park. We are shooting for January/February start date. There will be more details at the Almost Winter Classic…
…which leads to the third announcement which is that we are changing the name up a bit and moving from a group page to a more “business” like page. The name change is obvious as we want to present ourselves more as a league going forward and the move to business page is mostly for much better analytics and further reach than a regular group page.
I’ll need everyone on here that reads this post to “like” our new CSHL page (click here for link). The changeover will be officially January 1st (the group page will be “closed” and new visitors will be referred to the new page.) I’ll be posting in both pages until that date.
Thank you all for your cooperation during this transition and keep your eyes peeled for league info soon!


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