2020 Almost Winter Classic sign-up details!

Greetings all!
Below are the details regarding sign-ups for the 10th annual Almost Winter Classic tournament “Back to Waymer”.

As noted in our previous post, spots will be very limited due to the restrictions on outdoor public gatherings (currently 50 persons). As a result, we will be limiting goalie positions to 6 and runners to 30. This will allow for guests of players to come to the tournament (these totals may be adjusted as the weeks go on).

Invites will be sent out (via Opensports.net) to goalies first this Monday evening 11/2 at 8pm. Runner invites will be sent 24 hours later on Tuesday evening 11/3 at 8pm.

Rules and format will be shared the closer we get to the tournament date.
We do ask that due to the limited amount of spots open, please only sign-up ONLY if you are absolutely sure that you can play on that date to ensure that all that want to play are able to.

If you are new and have not joined the league on Opensports.net, use the following link and sign up so that you can receive the invite.

Be sure your notifications are on so you don’t miss out!

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