Charlotte Street Hockey League (CSHL) Youth Hockey Clinic FAQ

What equipment is required?

  1. Hockey stick (CSHL is happy to let your child borrow a stick – we have donations available in all sizes)
  2. Helmet (is required during scrimmages and other competitive play.  Helmets are not required during drills and practice.  A bike helmet is absolutely ok)
  3. Sneakers (keep it simple.  Sneakers are more than likely to get scuffed up, please plan accordingly)
  4. Shin pads (are recommended.  Soccer shin pads are ok)
  5. Gloves (are required.  Hand protection is extremely important during competitive play… and especially nice to have during the colder months!)
  6. Mouthpiece (is recommended, especially if the helmet does not have a cage or face shield, ie. bicycle helmet)
  7. Athletic supporter or jock strap (is *highly* recommended for the boys!)

What about footwear?

–     Roller blades/skates are not allowed.  This is a “deck hockey” program dedicated to the original way we all first learned how to play the game – in the street!  With sneakers!

What if my child doesn’t have the proper equipment?

  1. The following equipment will be available for your child to borrow at the clinic:
    • Stick

How long does it last?

  1. Clinics are scheduled for 60 minutes.  If you plan on dropping your child off and coming back later, plan on returning 60 minutes after the clinic is scheduled to start.

What time should I show up?

  1. Please show up 15 minutes before the clinic is scheduled to start.  This will allow proper time for registration/payment.

What can my kid expect?

       –     Fun!  Our main goal with these clinics is to ramp up before introducing an official CSHL Youth League.  For now, clinics will be a mix of drills, honing of skills, and scrimmaging.

Who will be managing/overseeing the clinic?

       –     The Charlotte Street Hockey League (CSHL) is a non-profit organization in the greater Charlotte area.  We were established in 2019 with 5 voting board positions, and today there are 2 non-voting positions.  The youth program has long been in the works (slowed by the virus in 2020) and the 7 of us are happy to be moving forward with our plans.

       –     Josh Greco serves as the CSHL’s Youth Program Coordinator and was elected by the Board of Directors as the organizations President/CEO in August of 2021! 

       –     The clinics are overseen by CSHL board members as well as parents and volunteers who are screened via background check through CSHL’s volunteer background check program.

How can I be assured my child will be safe?

       –     There is risk of injury in the sport of hockey.  We will maintain safety precautions throughout the duration of our events and will promote and reinforce safe play during our activities. 

       –     The CSHL has gone through great lengths to plan for and execute covid-safe precautions.  We will remain in compliance with NC law, designating specific regions for standing areas (parents and spectators), and encouraging the use of a hand sanitization station. 

       –     Each child is encouraged to stay home, with total reimbursement if already paid, if he/she is showing symptoms of contracting the corona virus.  Each child will be subjected to a temperature check upon arrival with a handheld infrared thermometer and must register a normal temperature in order to participate.  CSHL reserves the right to protect other members of the clinic by denying access to a child showing symptoms and/or registering a high temperature.

What happens if my child gets injured?

       –     Your child will be attended to by a CSHL member or an approved volunteer.  A First Aid kit will be on hand to address minor bumps and bruises.

       –     If your child’s injury induces an ambulance ride and/or a hospital visit, please reference your health insurance for healthcare costs.  CSHL will not be liable for these costs.

What can I do upon arrival?

       –     Parents are welcome to volunteer.  However, you must notify CSHL ahead of time and you must pass a volunteer screening examination and background check (administered via weblink) in order to become a Youth Program volunteer.

       –     Parents are welcome to stand in the designated standing area to watch the clinic/event.  You are also welcome to drop your child off and come back to back him/her up later.    

What if I/my child can’t make the time?

       –     There will be other clinics!  We plan to have multiple clinics per month.  We try to schedule clinics at a day/time when the most number of parents/kids can attend.

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