The goal of the CSHL Youth Hockey Program is to provide an accessible outlet for boys and girls ages 5-15, of all skill levels, to experience the joys of hockey in the greater Charlotte community. They will be able to develop and hone their street/ball hockey skills in a fun and nurturing environment while learning the value of sportsmanship and the spirit of competition.
Heading up this program is CSHL board member Josh Greco. Josh hails from Buffalo, NY and has been a part of the Charlotte community for 9 years. He is very excited to begin working on this initiative!
Clinics, games and other activities will be held at Waymer Park in Huntersville, NC. We are as excited as all of you to get this program up and running however we do ask for patience as the CSHL board only recently voted to resume activity for the adult organization.  We are balancing extreme caution and safety for your kids while at the same time chomping at the bit to get them out of the house and active! More updates to come.
If you wish for your child to be a part of this exciting program, you can email our youth program directly at CSHLYouthHockey@gmail.com. Every week, an email will be sent to you with updates about our progress including important dates and upcoming events.  We plan on developing a weekly newsletter so that our updates can be succinctly communicated.
We have big plans for youth hockey in Charlotte and are grateful you all are a part of this from our inception!

Youth Hockey Clinic #1: 1/9/21

Youth Hockey Clinic FAQ


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