The CSHL is proud to announce our first youth hockey clinic will take place Saturday, January 9th, 2021! We all are witnessing the methodical growth of this program as we go from a conceptual idea to working through issues like registration links and volunteer screening to being just 3 weeks away from putting words to action! This is very exciting and long overdue.

The mission of the CSHL Youth Hockey Program is to provide accessible outlets for kids of all ages, genders and skill levels to experience the joys of hockey in the greater Charlotte community. The program leadership to embrace the excitement and the spirit of hockey to set an example for all Youth Program members. They will also provide both group and 1-on-1 coaching by continually identifying coachable moments including but not limited to winning/losing gracefully, altercations with other youth members during practice and play, and general tips and strategies intended to make children better hockey players and teammates. We feel this will bring together children and parents from all walks of life and backgrounds to develop lasting friendships within the Charlotte community.

Youth Hockey Clinic FAQ

Waymer Park Tennis Court
14200 Holbrooks Rd
Huntersville, NC 28078

1 child: $10
2 children: $15
3 children: $20

Activities will be announced closer to the date of the clinic.

How to pay:
PayPal (to account “charlottestreethockey@gmail.com”)
cash or check on the day of the clinic.


Be assured that this clinic will take place using all of the recommended safety protocols that the CSHL has implemented and has been following since August of this year.




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