Welcome Frank Lozzi to the CSHL Board of Directors!

The CSHL board members would like to welcome Frank Lozzi as our new Chief Operating Officer! Frank grew up in South Philadelphia and moved to Charlotte in 2019. He started playing ice hockey at the age of 3 and has continued that passion for almost 30 years. Along with playing in ice hockey leagues now, he also plays in roller and street hockey leagues and tournaments across the country. He is also an avid Philadelphia sports fan, including the Flyers. Frank joined Charlotte Street Hockey League in 2019 as a free agent and has been a passionate player of this organization since then. He is an Accountant with a major public accounting firm in the city and volunteers his time with the non-profit Camp Twitch and Shout. Frank is excited to bring his knowledge and expertise to the game here in Charlotte as well as assisting the organization with expansion and growth of our leagues and facilities.

Please give Frank a warm welcome to the organization!

CSHL Youth Hockey Program

Now that the CSHL is back up and running with weekly pick-up games, we can start to focus on a few of the initiatives that we were working on in the first part of 2020. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that we are taking (baby) steps to establish a youth hockey program in Charlotte!  The board has approved the establishment of the Charlotte Street Hockey Youth Program and we are moving forward with its development.
The goal of the CSHL Youth Hockey Program is to provide an accessible outlet for boys and girls ages 5-15, of all skill levels, to experience the joys of hockey in the greater Charlotte community. They will be able to develop and hone their street/ball hockey skills in a fun and nurturing environment while learning the value of sportsmanship and the spirit of competition.
Heading up this program is CSHL board member Josh Greco. Josh hails from Buffalo, NY and has been a part of the Charlotte community for 9 years. He is very excited to begin working on this initiative!
Clinics, games and other activities will be held at Waymer Park in Huntersville, NC. We are as excited as all of you to get this program up and running however we do ask for patience as the CSHL board only recently voted to resume activity for the adult organization.  We are balancing extreme caution and safety for your kids while at the same time chomping at the bit to get them out of the house and active!  We are targeting Spring 2021 for an official Youth League… and would ideally love to start hosting clinics/pickups before the end of 2020… more updates to come.
If you wish for your child to be a part of this exciting program, you can email our youth program directly at CSHLYouthHockey@gmail.com. Every week, an email will be sent to you with updates about our progress including important dates and upcoming events.  We plan on developing a weekly newsletter so that our updates can be succinctly communicated.
We have big plans for youth hockey in Charlotte and are grateful you all are a part of this from our inception!

CSHL Youth League Rules

CSHL Executive Board reserves the right to change, alter, modify, or to add rules and regulations as they see fit.

MANDATORY: Helmet with cage or visor, gloves, shin guards.

Unsportsmanlike conduct by any participant is prohibited. This prohibition shall apply to all actions, verbal or physical, on or near the playing court/rink during official League events, games, or regularly scheduled pick-up games. No participant shall act in an un-sportsmanlike manner while on or near the playing court/rink before, during, or after League events or games. Unsportsmanlike conduct by a participant includes but is not limited to:
a. Excessive use of derogatory acts or words towards players or game officials.
b. Any excessive bantering with game officials’ decisions.
c. Using excessive and/or malicious profanity, insulting language, or gestures.
d. Baiting or taunting any other participants.
e. Causing harmful contact to any other player or official (i.e. malicious physical contact, spitting, or any act deemed unnecessarily rough by game officials); and
f. Any other conduct deemed by the Charlotte Street Hockey League Board to be against the purpose or spirit of the League.
Any players deemed to have violated this Article will be subject to suspension and possible banishment from Corporation membership at the President’s discretion.

• Game-Day Format: To give the best game-day experience, CSHL may use different game-day formats on a week-to-week basis depending on attendance, age range of kids, temperature/humidity, as well as other factors. Our default schedule will be 2 periods of 12 minutes, running clock.  If the game is within 2 goals under 2 minutes, the clock will stop on whistles.  Our main priority is fun and safety for the kids – CSHL may exercise different game-day formats to enhance the experience in the name of safety, fun, and fairness. Thank you for understanding!
• Regular season will consist of 6 weeks with an end-of-season celebration as a 7th week.  The first game of the day will begin at 9am with the rest of the games following.
• Standings points:
• Win: (regulation): 2 points
• Regulation tie/shootout loss: 1 point
• Loss: 0 points
• End of season tournament format: TBD.

• Teams must have five players present (4 runners, 1 goalie) to begin a game.
• Home team shall dress in white and away team in either black or dark blue (please no gray shirts!) Referee has the final decision on any jersey matters.
• Players that have not signed the seasonal waiver form will not be eligible to play until a signed copy has been received by the league manager.

• Home team bench will be on the left (as you look at the benches from center court). Home team zone will also be on that side at the start of the game.
• Teams will switch defending goals after each period.
• Games, new shifts and new periods will begin with a face-off at center court.

• If a ball leaves the court over/under the fencing or enters the bench area, there will be a faceoff at the closest face-off circle where the ball was last played.
• If the ball becomes lodged in the fence, it may be dislodged using hands or feet. If a player uses a stick to dislodge the ball, play will be stopped and there will be a face off at center court.
• After all goalie covers, the play is dead and there will be a faceoff at the nearest face-off circle.
• After all goals there will be a center court faceoff.
• Overtime:
• Regular Season (shootout): Best of 3 shooters followed by single shootout rounds if still tied. Teams must use all runners present (no repeat shooters).
• End of season tournament: TBD
• Time will be kept by a designated time/stat keeper.
• Score, Player Stats, Players present will be kept by a designated stat keeper for each game:
• Runners: Goals, Assists, Points.
• Goalies: Win/Loss, GAA, win %.
• Stats will be posted weekly on the league website (https://www.mystatsonline.com/cshl)


• Game officials shall have general supervision of the game and his decision shall be final in all matters occurring before, during or after the game. The role of the official is to “enforce” the rules of the game and in doing so shall have full authority over all participants.
• Referees have the duty to make unbiased decisions and be as objective as possible under the circumstances.
• The Referee may not change his decision, or the decision of the associate referee, after the play resumes following the rendering of the original decision.
• The Referee shall order the teams on the court at the beginning of a game and for the start of each period. Penalties may also be assessed during the warm-up period.
• Prior to the start of the game, the Referee shall confirm that the both teams’ goalies are ready and that the timekeeper and score keeper are ready.

• Referees have the authority to allow and disallow goals.
• Referees have the authority to call penalties against players as they see and in accordance with the rules and regulations of CSHL.
• Referees have authority to eject players if they have committed an unsportsmanlike penalty but MUST confer with an associate official. If only one referee is present, then the sole referee’s decision will stand.
• Referees can stop play if they deem a player is injured or incapacitated.
• Referees have authority to make games 3v3 but MUST have both captain’s approval.
• Referees can confer with one another at moments of ambiguity or confusion to validate a decision during a stoppage in play.
• Referee’s duty to impose such infractions as outlined in the rules and give the final decision in matters pertaining to disputed goals after consultation with his or her associate referee.
• The Referee shall announce all legally scored goals and assists as well as penalties imposed.
• At the conclusion of the game, the Referee shall check the official scoresheet to ensure accuracy and validity.


There will be one head referee and one assistant referee designated prior to each game.

• Contact penalties including: tripping, interference/goalie interference, checking , roughing, high-sticking, slashing, hooking, holding a stick, holding, throwing the stick by goalie or runner in order to effect play on the court (intentional or accidental), elbowing, cross checking, kneeing, butt ending, spearing, too many players on the court, freezing ball along the boards (1 warning, then penalty), improper substitution for penalty shot, playing with a broken stick, any physical actions from the bench area that affects play on the court, calling for a timeout while your team does not have possession of the ball or calling for a timeout has already been used, delay of game, high stick, opposing team will be awarded a penalty shot.
• If a penalty is assessed to the already penalized team before the 1st penalty expires, 1 minute will be added to the penalty time of the original penalty. The player assessed the 2nd penalty will sit on the team bench and another player on that team will replace them on the court. When the first player’s penalty expires, they may enter play. If there is a 2nd player penalized, that player may or may not enter the court when their penalty expires (a player currently on the court will have to go to the team bench to avoid a too many player penalty.)
• If the referee feels that a player on a clear break-away was impeded by an opposing player, a penalty shot may be awarded.
• Clock will stop and player awarded the penalty will take the shot. If the goalie is penalized, team captain will select a runner that was on the court at the time of the penalty. If a player is fouled while shooting, the shot will count if a whistle has not been blown by the referee.
• If a goal is scored, a center ice faceoff will occur. If no goal is scored there will be a faceoff in the shooting teams attacking zone.
• In the case of opposing penalties, both teams will be awarded a penalty shot and play will begin with a faceoff at center court.

• In all rounds, unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, including but not limited to: extended arguing or verbal abuse of referees and/or other players, fighting in any form, intentionally shooting ball at player or using the stick as a weapon/projectile with intent to injure another player sliding, diving, or laying down and making contact with a player other than with their stick (or ANY violation of the league Code of Conduct (page 1) at the discretion of the referees the opposing team will be awarded 1 penalty shot and the penalized player will be ejected from the game.
• Clock will stop and player awarded the penalty will take the shot.
• If the goalie is penalized, player awarded the penalty is injured as a result of the penalty or non-contact unsportsmanlike penalty has been issued, team captain will select a runner that was on the court at the time of the penalty to take the penalty shot.
• After the penalty shot there will be a faceoff at center court.
• In the case of opposing penalties, both teams will be awarded 1 penalty shot and both players will be ejected from the game.
• If a player collects 2 major penalties in a season, they may be suspended for the remainder of that season (including playoffs). The player may appeal suspension pending review of the incident(s) by the board members and referees present during the incident(s). The player may be reinstated, pending conditions agreed to by the board members, referees and offending player.

• Offsides and icing will not be enforced.
• AWARDED GOALS: if a net is dislodged as to prevent a goal from occurring, a player other than the goaltender picks up the ball in the crease with their hand, a player other than the goaltender falls or covers the ball in the crease, or if a goaltender or runner accidentally or intentionally throws stick at a player on a breakaway, penalty shot, or shootout.
• CATCHING/CARRYING OF THE BALL: a player may not catch (close hand over the ball) or carry the ball (closing hand on ball and moving forward in order to move it) in any fashion. Play will stop and ball will be awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the penalty. Moving/batting the ball with an open palm/hand is permitted.
• DELAY OF GAME: If a player in their defensive zone plays the ball over the fence while behind the lines marked on the court (see playing area diagram), a 1-minute power play will be awarded to the opposing team.
• HAND PASS inside the neutral or attacking zone will result in a faceoff in the offending team’s defensive zone. Hand passes inside the defensive half are allowed.
• HIGH-STICK ON THE BALL will be called for any ball contact, or a player attempting to play the ball above their shoulder or crossbar height with their stick. The opposing offending team’s defensive zone. (If 2 opposing players high stick there will be a face off at center ice).
• HIGH-STICK by lifting another players stick will result in a faceoff in the offending team’s defensive zone (player who lifted the opponents stick). If the player who lifted the opposing players stick causes any stick to strike a player up high that will be considered a high sticking penalty (see minor penalty section).
• NET DISPLACEMENT: The net is not anchored to the court surface, so it is the referee’s discretion as to when the net is considered displaced.
• If the net is displaced by an offensive player, play will stop immediately.
• If the net is displaced by a goalie or defensive player, the referee may award a goal, or a penalty shot at their discretion:
 The referee may award a goal if the referee determines that the goal would have occurred in any instance (accidentally or purposefully).
 The referee may award a penalty shot to the opposing team if they feel that the net was dislodged intentionally in order to affect play on the court (with no chance that a goal would have occurred).
 If the referee determines that the net was dislodged accidentally and play was not affected, no penalty will be enforced.

Welcome Bob Ritchie!

The CSHL board members would like to welcome Bob Ritchie as our new Adult Program Coordinator! He is currently a part-time online teacher and as he puts it, “many of my days on this earth were filled with a hockey stick in my hand”. Along with his extensive managerial background, his career previous to teaching is, let’s say, unique to say the least (you’ll have to ask him about it when you meet him).
Bob has been around a few of weekends already so he’s hitting the ground running in order to bring a fresh perspective to the league. We are excited to have him in our organization and look forward to a seamless transition of duties.

Please welcome him to the league!!

Charlotte Street Hockey League (CSHL) Youth Hockey Clinic FAQ

What equipment is required?

  1. Hockey stick (CSHL is happy to let your child borrow a stick – we have donations available in all sizes)
  2. Helmet (is required during scrimmages and other competitive play.  Helmets are not required during drills and practice.  A bike helmet is absolutely ok)
  3. Sneakers (keep it simple.  Sneakers are more than likely to get scuffed up, please plan accordingly)
  4. Shin pads (are recommended.  Soccer shin pads are ok)
  5. Gloves (are required.  Hand protection is extremely important during competitive play… and especially nice to have during the colder months!)
  6. Mouthpiece (is recommended, especially if the helmet does not have a cage or face shield, ie. bicycle helmet)
  7. Athletic supporter or jock strap (is *highly* recommended for the boys!)

What about footwear?

–     Roller blades/skates are not allowed.  This is a “deck hockey” program dedicated to the original way we all first learned how to play the game – in the street!  With sneakers!

What if my child doesn’t have the proper equipment?

  1. The following equipment will be available for your child to borrow at the clinic:
    • Stick

How long does it last?

  1. Clinics are scheduled for 60 minutes.  If you plan on dropping your child off and coming back later, plan on returning 60 minutes after the clinic is scheduled to start.

What time should I show up?

  1. Please show up 15 minutes before the clinic is scheduled to start.  This will allow proper time for registration/payment.

What can my kid expect?

       –     Fun!  Our main goal with these clinics is to ramp up before introducing an official CSHL Youth League.  For now, clinics will be a mix of drills, honing of skills, and scrimmaging.

Who will be managing/overseeing the clinic?

       –     The Charlotte Street Hockey League (CSHL) is a non-profit organization in the greater Charlotte area.  We were established in 2019 with 5 voting board positions, and today there are 2 non-voting positions.  The youth program has long been in the works (slowed by the virus in 2020) and the 7 of us are happy to be moving forward with our plans.

       –     Josh Greco serves as the CSHL’s Youth Program Coordinator and was elected by the Board of Directors as the organizations President/CEO in August of 2021! 

       –     The clinics are overseen by CSHL board members as well as parents and volunteers who are screened via background check through CSHL’s volunteer background check program.

How can I be assured my child will be safe?

       –     There is risk of injury in the sport of hockey.  We will maintain safety precautions throughout the duration of our events and will promote and reinforce safe play during our activities. 

       –     The CSHL has gone through great lengths to plan for and execute covid-safe precautions.  We will remain in compliance with NC law, designating specific regions for standing areas (parents and spectators), and encouraging the use of a hand sanitization station. 

       –     Each child is encouraged to stay home, with total reimbursement if already paid, if he/she is showing symptoms of contracting the corona virus.  Each child will be subjected to a temperature check upon arrival with a handheld infrared thermometer and must register a normal temperature in order to participate.  CSHL reserves the right to protect other members of the clinic by denying access to a child showing symptoms and/or registering a high temperature.

What happens if my child gets injured?

       –     Your child will be attended to by a CSHL member or an approved volunteer.  A First Aid kit will be on hand to address minor bumps and bruises.

       –     If your child’s injury induces an ambulance ride and/or a hospital visit, please reference your health insurance for healthcare costs.  CSHL will not be liable for these costs.

What can I do upon arrival?

       –     Parents are welcome to volunteer.  However, you must notify CSHL ahead of time and you must pass a volunteer screening examination and background check (administered via weblink) in order to become a Youth Program volunteer.

       –     Parents are welcome to stand in the designated standing area to watch the clinic/event.  You are also welcome to drop your child off and come back to back him/her up later.    

What if I/my child can’t make the time?

       –     There will be other clinics!  We plan to have multiple clinics per month.  We try to schedule clinics at a day/time when the most number of parents/kids can attend.

CSHL Youth Hockey Clinic: 1/9/21

The CSHL is proud to announce our first youth hockey clinic will take place Saturday, January 9th, 2021! We all are witnessing the methodical growth of this program as we go from a conceptual idea to working through issues like registration links and volunteer screening to being just 3 weeks away from putting words to action! This is very exciting and long overdue.

The mission of the CSHL Youth Hockey Program is to provide accessible outlets for kids of all ages, genders and skill levels to experience the joys of hockey in the greater Charlotte community. The program leadership to embrace the excitement and the spirit of hockey to set an example for all Youth Program members. They will also provide both group and 1-on-1 coaching by continually identifying coachable moments including but not limited to winning/losing gracefully, altercations with other youth members during practice and play, and general tips and strategies intended to make children better hockey players and teammates. We feel this will bring together children and parents from all walks of life and backgrounds to develop lasting friendships within the Charlotte community.

Youth Hockey Clinic FAQ

Program Location:
Waymer Park Tennis Court
14200 Holbrooks Rd
Huntersville, NC 28078

Program Fees:
1 child: $10
2 children: $15
3 children: $20

Activities will be announced closer to the date of the clinic.

How to pay:
PayPal (to account “charlottestreethockey@gmail.com”)
By cash or check on the day of the clinic.

We have created a registration link through Mailchimp (https://joshuargreco.us7.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=ced707aa912ec658ddf74a9c1&id=934fe2d793). This will allow us to be as organized as possible so thank you for registering this way.

Be assured that this clinic will take place using all of the recommended safety protocols that the CSHL has implemented and has been following since August of this year.

2020 Almost Winter Classic sign-up details!

Greetings all!
Below are the details regarding sign-ups for the 10th annual Almost Winter Classic tournament “Back to Waymer”.

As noted in our previous post, spots will be very limited due to the restrictions on outdoor public gatherings (currently 50 persons). As a result, we will be limiting goalie positions to 6 and runners to 30. This will allow for guests of players to come to the tournament (these totals may be adjusted as the weeks go on).

Invites will be sent out (via Opensports.net) to goalies first this Monday evening 11/2 at 8pm. Runner invites will be sent 24 hours later on Tuesday evening 11/3 at 8pm.

Rules and format will be shared the closer we get to the tournament date.
We do ask that due to the limited amount of spots open, please only sign-up ONLY if you are absolutely sure that you can play on that date to ensure that all that want to play are able to.

If you are new and have not joined the league on Opensports.net, use the following link and sign up so that you can receive the invite.

Be sure your notifications are on so you don’t miss out!

2020 Almost Winter Classic!

We are happy to announce that the 2020 Almost Winter Classic will be held on Saturday, December 5th!
If you are new to the CSHL, the AWC is our annual (free) tournament to commemorate the very first pick-up game we played in 2010. This year will mark our 10th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to take the tournament back to our roots…Waymer Park in Huntersville, NC. As usual, there will be a cook-out/pot luck food & drink. A separate sign-up will be posted for anyone that would like to bring something.

There are some caveats to this tournament however. Due to NC COVID-19 restrictions on the maximum number of people allowed to gather outdoors (currently 50), the number of players will be limited as will the total number of guests. We realize this is a big change from previous years as we usually encourage players to bring their families and friends, but unfortunately our hands are tied when it comes to these restrictions.

As in the past, goalies will have the opportunity to sign up first (time and date will be relayed so that all potential goalies will have as equal of a chance to sign up as possible) and the next day runners will be invited via Opensports.

Keep in mind that restrictions may change between now and then in regards to the pandemic so adjustments may have to be made in regards to number of players, postponement, etc.

Keep your eyes peeled on Opensports and Facebook this weekend for more info regarding when the invites will be sent out.

Looking forward to a fun tournament!

2019 Fall Baller Street Hockey Tournament!

Fall Baller

Mark your calendars!
The 1st annual Fall Baller tournament will take place on Sunday, September 15th at Waymer Park!
Format will be 4v4 Ironman style (team roster 4 runners +1 goalie). You can register as a team or if you cannot find or form a team, you can register as a free agent and we will try and make as many house teams as possible to accommodate those players.
Registration kick-off date to be announced soon but start working on those teams today!

CSHL Update: It’s (almost) official!

As some of you know, there has been a dedicated effort going on behind the scenes to improve the league and its status in the community. We would like to take a little time and update the masses on our efforts.

In January we rebranded ourselves as Charlotte Street Hockey League (formerly Charlotte Street Hockey). Along with this subtle name change came the refocusing of our group to an actual ball hockey league instead of a primarily pick-up league (and the occasional tournament). This was implemented to allow us a revenue stream in order to tackle various initiatives.

First on the agenda was to move us from just a random Facebook group to a legitimate organization. To that effect, we’d like to announce that we are now registered with the State of North Carolina and the IRS as a non-profit organization! This will change the dynamic of the league itself as we now have a board and board members making decisions instead of only one person. This is our current board structure but there will be other board and committee positions available in the future based on need and any initiatives we launch:

Chief Executive Officer – Lou Harvatin
Chief Operating Officer – Sean Colas
Chief Financial Officer and Secretary – Imran Farooqi

Additionally, with our non-profit status, we will be able to secure sponsorships, participate in community outreach programs in order to strengthen our ties to the area (and as a result build membership), and have a bit more credibility when presenting proposals to local governments for better ball/street hockey facilities (more on that below). I would like to give a huge thanks to league member Imran Farooqi for donating a lot of his time to the legal work that goes into such a process!

Next up on the docket is the biggest and most common challenge that we’ve faced in our 8 plus years of existence. That is (let’s say it all together now) finding a place to host league games! I know what you are saying, “but we have pick-up games at the YMCA, why can’t we hold league games there?” Unfortunately, the YMCA does not rent out their facilities to outside leagues or programs (our pick-up games are kind of a cooperative between the league and the YMCA). We have been playing in Huntersville (Waymer Park) off and on since our very first game in 2010 so naturally, this seemed like a good place to start. Recently a few representatives of the league met with the Huntersville parks and recreation department. In short, it went very well. They were very receptive and have a high interest in our concept for improving Waymer Park to make it more conducive to hosting league games (adding fencing to full enclosure of the court, adding sport court surface, etc.) We even recruited one of the maintenance representatives to play with us! This is a huge step forward for the league and we could be just a few sponsors away from getting things done. I would like to thank league member Rob Bini for taking the initiative to draw up the proposals and presenting this to the Huntersville P&R. This will pay huge dividends for us in the future!

The future….(cue the freaky electronic music)

Once we have a better facility to host our league, the sky is the limit! A better surface will attract more players as their equipment won’t wear excessively, as happens on the current asphalt. Full enclosure of the court will allow more fluid game play as well (i.e. those pesky corners, behind the goals and the player bench area). And while this is all well and fine for us old goats, as Whitney Houston sang, “I believe the children are our future”. A major initiative that we would pursue would be holding youth hockey camps (think “learn to play hockey” programs) and eventually hosting something like a 12U league. With the leadership we have in place and a genuine facility to play in, this will be entirely possible. Lagrange Street Hockey in our neighbor state of Georgia has a focus on youth programs and introducing kids to the greatest sport on the planet. You never know where the next great USBHA or even NHLer will come from!

I do want to take the time personally like to thank each player in our Winter 2019 league for taking the leap with us and getting things started. Your league fees went directly to the non-profit application process! I would especially like to thank all 4 of the captains, who happen to be a few of the senior members of the league: Drew Cswaykus, Rob Bini, Jerry Janiga and last but certainly not least, Darren Monaco. Without your help, this first season of the CSHL would not be possible! I would also like to thank all that have volunteered their services this season, be it the thankless job of refereeing, score and timekeeping, or helping set up the court for league games. This has been a true team effort and I love seeing members step up and take initiative!

In summary, we are in a great position right now and the future looks bright for the CSHL and street hockey in Charlotte. Let’s keep the ball rolling!


Lou Harvatin
CEO Charlotte Street Hockey League