2018 Almost Winter Classic: Captains and Prizes!

The captains for the 2018 AWC are as follows:

  • Brent Chaplin
  • Bryan Bergner
  • Imran Farooqi
  • Kevin Meland
  • Mike Tanczos
  • Nick Rose

As you have heard, we nabbed some sponsors this year so now we can give away some decent rewards for a hard fought day of hockey.
All members of the winning team will receive:
~ A gift card to The Percantile and Creamery in Concord
~ A snazzy 2018 AWC t-shirt
~ 2 tickets to a Charlotte Checkers hockey game

As we did last year, we will have a donation jar for the MS Society in the name of one of our former teammates, Rafael Souffront. Anyone who donates (regardless of amount) is eligible for the following prizes:
~2 donators will receive a 2018 AWC t-shirt
~1 lucky donator will receive a pair of tickets to a Charlotte Checkers hockey game

I would like to again thank our sponsors for their generosity!
~The Percantile and Creamery
~Fusion Law
~Dan McKenna Homes


2018 Almost Winter Classic update:

Only 1 more week until the Almost Winter Classic draft tournament invites are sent via Opensports.net! Here’s how it will go down for the open 6 goalie and 60 runner positions:

*Sunday November 11th: Goalies and the 2017 championship team members ONLY will be invited. They will have 24 hours to sign up before the next invite block drops…

*Monday November 12th: Runners that have participated in pick-up games this year will be invited.

*Sunday November 18th: CSH Opensports members that have NOT played in any games this year will be invited IF all 60 runner positions have not been filled. If they have been filled, I will create a “reserve runners” sign up so that in case some players bow out for whatever reason, we’ll have players to take their place. I will do the same for goalies.

The AWC will be FREE as always (donations are always welcome). We will, as we did last year, have a donation jar for the MS Society in memory of Rafael Souffront, for whom our trophy is named. There will be a little incentive this year as each donator will be entered in a drawing to win a prize (at present not sure what the prizes will be yet or how many we’ll have).

Also, the winning team will have a slew of prizes bestowed upon them, compliments of our sponsors. Those will be revealed in the coming weeks as will the this years team captains.

And the *real* reason everyone looks forward to this tournament…my wife’s almost famous chili will once again make an appearance! Pulled pork and other vittles will also be on the menu.

5 game guarantee (4 round robin + at least one elimination game). Tourney games will run from 10am until 3pm (“schoolyard draft” is at 9:30 so plan to arrive early).

Looking forward to hosting this as always. Please be sure to have your notifications on for Opensports.net!

2018 Almost Winter Classic tournament announcement!


Mark your calendar (does anyone actually do that anymore?) for Saturday, December 1st, 2018. It’s hard to believe that the 2018 Almost Winter Classic is only 4 months away! Where has the time gone?

As a reflection of how many players we have gained over the last few years, the popularity of our internal tournament/celebration has grown substantially. Popularity is often a double-edged sword so in order to be fair to the players that participate in pick-up games during the year, new criteria for the AWC has been introduced.

  • ONLY members that have signed up on OpenSports.net and have joined our OpenSports group page (link below) will be invited to the 2018 AWC. Note that this will not 100% ensure that you will get to play in the tournament (see below).
  • CSH OpenSports group members that have attended pick-up games from January 1st until November 3rd, 2018 will be invited first (along with the 2017 Almost Winter Classic champions if they do not meet the “pick-up attendance” criteria). Both runner & goalie spots will be on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis as the number of invitees may exceed the number of open spots. A set date for the invite will be communicated so that all will have a fair chance to accept.
  • Initial invitees will have 1 calendar week to accept the invitation. IF there are open spots remaining, a second invite will be sent out to the remaining members of the OpenSports group that have not attended any events this year. As with the initial invite, invitees will have one calendar week to accept.
  • We will also have a “reserve” sign-up in the event that there are attendees signed up that cannot attend. This will be on a first come, first served basis as well.
  • If you are NOT a member of the group on OpenSports prior to the invitations being sent and sign up for an open spot, you will be removed from the sign-up. This also holds true for non-pick-up participants that sign up during the first invitation (no exceptions).

We plan on the same basic format as previous years (6 teams, 10 runners + goalie on each team but this is subject to change) so spots will be limited!

In summary, if you want to play in the 2018 Almost Winter Classic you will, at the very least, have to be an OpenSports.net member and a member of our group on that website. Also note that active participants in our weekly pick-up games will get first dibs on open spots so do yourself a favor and get off the sidelines and come play sometime!



Charlotte Street Hockey: mid-year review

We would first like to thank all of the players that participated in the 2018 RSHL Summer Shootout this past Saturday, especially the Waymer Wolverines who made it all the way to the C division finals (overtime no less)! Every player was friendly, humble and respectful during the tournament and represented Charlotte Street Hockey very well (unlike a few of the other teams in attendance).

While on the subject of tournaments, we will be retooling our travel team (Jesters) to be more competetive in future tourneys. This may include “try out” sessions in the next few months. Our intention is to field a full roster for C division and B division (12 runners, 2-3 goalies each). This way, if there are tournaments that require either a full roster or a partial one (like Greensboro) we’ll be covered. More to follow.

Here’s a look at the rest of the year:

  • QC Jesters travel team tryouts (B and C division): Fall 2018 tentative.
  • CSH League Fall 2018. We currently do not have a facility where we can host a league and run it internally. Location TBD.
  • Non-profit application process: Fall/winter 2018, winter 2019.
  • 2018 Almost Winter Classic tournament: Saturday, December 1st 2018. Not sure where this will be held as we may not be able to host at the DeFeo rink as we have in the past. We are also looking to reformat the tournament itself to be more competitive (read “even”) Location TBD.

Lastly, there are some wheels in motion in the background regarding finding some space in the Charlotte Parks system that can support a dek hockey rink. This is in the very early stages of planning so nothing major to report likely until 2019.

If you have any suggestions, questions, concerns, recipes, don’t hesitate to drop us an email. Also, if you would like to be more involved with Charlotte Street Hockey, let us know!

Lou Harvatin
Nick Rose

Goalie sign ups for our pick-up sessions.

Hello all!

Recently we’ve had some issues arise regarding the number of goalies signing up for our weekly pick-up games. Because of this I feel that it’s time to address, clarify and put some soft rules into place.

We’ve had an abundance of goalies join our group, especially in the last year (we now have at least 10 potential goalies total by my unofficial count). This is a good problem to have as tendys are hard to find at times. We as a group strive to allow as many players as possible the opportunity to participate in the sport that they love, no matter their age, gender or the position they play.

In order to afford more opportunities for our growing goalie contingent, going forward there will be 3 open goalie slots to sign-up for each pick-up session. If these 3 spots do fill up, then I respectfully ask those goalies to please rotate (either between individual games or whenever one just needs a break as it does get hot out there in the summer months). We’ve done this in the past and it’s worked out fine. Remember that the sessions are 2 full hours (sometimes longer) so there is still plenty of time for all of the goalies to play competitively. Also, if we have an abundance of runners signing up for a 10-noon Saturday session, there will be opportunities for goalies to sign up for a second Saturday session when added.

I also believe that we can structure our pick-up sessions to better suit goalie substitutions. For example we can have 6-20 minute games in a 2 hour period (yes I did that math all in my head) ensuring that each goalie is guaranteed to play for 80 minutes (which is about how much time runners with subs end up playing).

I do understand the personal reasoning behind not wanting to substitute (long drives, passion for hockey, etc.) as no one likes to sit on the bench for an extended period of time. However please do keep in mind that there are several other players that share those same sentiments.

Now, as they say in hockey, let’s do that hockey!


2018 Memorial Day 250 Street Hockey Tournament

Greetings to all!
Come join us for a fun day of hockey, camaraderie, and help out the group at the same time!
The 2018 Memorial Day 250 tournament will be held on Saturday May 26th at 9am in the basketball courts at Waymer Park, Huntersville NC. This tourney is a benefit of sorts as the money will go to fund a few of our initiatives including applying for non-profit status and steps to find/fund our own facility.

Here are some highlights:
– $20 dollar donation for runners, $10 for goalies, payable at the OpenSports event sign up page
– 4 game guarantee
– Round robin/single elimination format (with a few twists)
– post-tourney cookout at the park
– prize(s) for the winning team (TBD)

This will be a draft style tournament, of sorts.
Deadline to sign up will be Sunday, May 20th. Teams will then be formed from the player pool in order to make them as fair and equal as possible.

If it turns out that you cannot play, refund deadline is 48 hours before tournament start.

This should be a pretty fun tourney as we get back to our roots at Waymer Park.

Here is the link to the event/sign-up page —> CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Let’s get a big turnout guys and girls!!

Charlotte Street Hockey: New Directions

Hello all!

There are a number of plans and happenings going on at the CSH and we wanted to give everyone a much overdue update.

Hit the Dek Podcast: if you haven’t given this a listen, please do. It was a fun experience for sure! Click here to listen!

RSHL Ironman tournament: our boys kicked butt up in Raleigh a few weeks ago with both C-division teams meeting in the finals! Thanks to the RSHL for hosting another great event. This bodes well for the CSH travel team as both teams had members sprinkled throughout.

There is a little bit of bad news. Regretfully we are not going to be able to offer a league at the rink. The details do not matter at this point. But this disappointment has reinforced the fact that we really need of a facility we can call our own. We are growing in numbers but are only able to offer pick-up games and the occasional tournament.

The ultimate goal of this group is to have an outdoor dek hockey rink built, run by some of us. We could then offer leagues, host national tournaments, hold youth camps, etc.

To kickoff the fundraising, we’ll be hosting a fun little tournament at Waymer Park (maybe have a cookout there as well) sometime in early May. Cost would be something like $20-25 but 100% will go towards the rink. We’ll probably have some t-shirt sales too (CSH koozies anyone?)

If anyone would like to be involved in this project or have constructive ideas, don’t hesitate to talk to either myself or Nick Rose.

More details about the tournament coming soon. Stay tuned!

Charlotte Street Hockey is now on OpenSports.net!

Charlotte Street Hockey is migrating our sign-up page from the Sign-up Genius application to OpenSports.net! This is a much easier and cleaner interface for both users and admins.

If we have your email address on file, you will be receiving an email with an invite to our page on OpenSports.net. We strongly encourage you to join so that you can receive invites to pick-up games, tournaments, etc. OpenSports also has an app for Android and IOS. You can download them at the links provided below. If any of our events are changed or cancelled, you will be able to receive push notifications via the app and/or email.
IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/opensports/id1056940981?ls=1&mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=opensports.android

When opening the link to our events page on OpenSports, please follow these simple instructions:

  • Click on the event that you wish to sign up for.
  • On the next page that opens (event details), click on the green “join” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select either “goalie” or “winger” (all runner positions are wingers for this application).
  • You will then be prompted to either sign up with Facebook or you may join OpenSports.net (if you have not already) by entering your email address to create an account (highly recommended). You can also follow the group if you create an account.
  • Hit the green “sign up” button and you’re done!

Our intent is to streamline our scheduling/notification process since we have multiple players spread out over many different interfaces. We’d like to be less Facebook/email driven as well.

The link to the event page for CSH is below and it will also be added to the “pick-up games” page on the website and in the pinned post on our Facebook page.


Thank you for your cooperation with this transition!

~The Commish