Weeknight pick-up hockey: Morrison YMCA, Ballantyne – Wednesday 3/15/17

Come join us for some pick-up hockey under the lights Wednesday night from 7-9pm at the Morrison Family YMCA
9405 Bryant Farms Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277

$7 to play payable at the Morrison Family YMCA Office or in exact cast to Sean Mahoski at the rink.
One punch if you have a Morrison YMCA punch card
Goalies play FREE!

2 goalie, 10 runner minimum.

Bring your white and dark shirts as always!




2017 SPRING BREAK-away Ball Hockey Tournament 4/1/17

Games played at DeFeo Hockey Rink, Morrison YMCA
9405 Bryant Farms Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277


  • Recreational (C/C2) Level
  • 2 x 10 minute game running clock (switch sides after period)
  • 3 games guaranteed
  • Every penalty is a penalty shot
  • No Off-sides, No Icing

Player Draft:

  • Goalie Captains – Blind Draft
  • Goalies will pick from player pool 24-48 hours before draft
  • 1 Trade per team, but must be completed before start of first game (Approval by Sean M/Lou H)

Payment info:

  • Players – $15, Goalies – $10
  • DEADLINE to sign up and pay is Tuesday, 3/28
  • Payment can be made via PayPal https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/send-money-online to email dusty312@aol.com. You may have to create an account to pay but it’s fast and you can always delete your account when done.
  • You may also pay Sean Mahoski or Lou Harvatin directly at one of the pick-ups prior to the tournament.

Prize(s) and format to be announced closer to the tournament date.

#SaturdayNightHockey: Morrison YMCA, Ballantyne – Saturday, 2/18/17

saturday-night-hockeyCome join us for some pick-up hockey under the lights Saturday, February 11th from 4-6pm at the Morrison Family YMCA
9405 Bryant Farms Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277

$7 to play (payable at the Morrison Family YMCA Office)
One punch if you have a Morrison YMCA punch card
Goalies play FREE!

2 goalie, 10 runner minimum.

Bring your white and dark shirts as always!



2016 #AlmostWinterClassic 12/3/16: News and notes

It looks like we’ll have a record turnout again this year. That large turnout sometimes poses a problem for scheduling as you want to have the players play as many games as possible and at the same time keep the tourney within a reasonable amount of time (3 hours this year).
I won’t go into too much detail here (everything is on the attached rules/format sheet) but here are some highlights:

• GPS friendly address: 9405 Bryant Farms Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277. If you haven’t been to the rink in a while, be warned. There’s some new construction and a traffic circle where there used to be a stop sign so it may not look as familiar as it used to.
• Each team is guaranteed 4 games…sort of (see below).
• Round robin games will be 7 minutes in length, running clock.
• Semi-final games will be 2 periods, 7 minutes in length (2 RR games + 2 semi-final periods = 4 “games”)
• Championship game will be 2 periods, 10 minutes in length.
• Goalies have first pick. (Subsequent picks are usually by committee).
• Draft begins PROMPTLY at 11:30 so please arrive by 11AM! ESPECIALLY GOALIES!!
• PLEASE BRING BOTH WHITE AND DARK SHIRTS! There’s a reason that was in all caps…very important note!!
• If you have goalie equipment, please bring it. You never know if you may have to jump into goal at some point.

We have plenty of napkins and forks left over from last year. Below is a list of other things we will need. If you plan to bring any of the below items, just comment below. Plan for 60+ people to be safe when purchasing.
• Small bowls
• Small and large plates
• Cups
• Ice
• Spoons
• Drinks (cans preferably so we don’t use too many cups)
• Chips and similar snacks

I hope this answers most questions. All other details are on the sheet at the below link.
I’ll be posting the game schedule tomorrow.
Can’t wait till Saturday!


Disappointing development regarding pick-up games at Belmont.


Well, it looks like this upcoming Sunday will be our FINAL pick-up at the Davis Park tennis courts in Belmont, NC. Below is the official email:

Lou: Good morning. I wanted to inform you that our Belmont Parks and Recreation Board met last night for their monthly parks review meeting. After reviewing the current situation with our tennis courts and looking to move forward with our newly proposed renovations for these courts, the board asked that I send you a notice that your roller hockey group can no longer use the lower portion of those retired courts. The board felt that it interferes with on-going tennis lessons as well as scheduled tennis games at unknown times and they’re looking to remodel the lower section with new practice walls and installing some additional practice netting.
We wish your group well in finding another location and we apologize for any inconvenience in this decision.

Thanks Lou for your understanding

David Isenhour
Public Works Director

I guess you can’t fight city hall…or the mean tennis instructor.
Feel free to email Mr. Isenhour (keep it respectful as he’s been a proponent of ours) about this decision. Maybe some additional voices other than my own will serve them notice.

So, one last hurrah this Sunday in Belmont. Let’s have a HUGE showing to let them know what they’ll be missing out on.




#HockeyMorningInCharlotte goes Back to Belmont!


At long last, Hockey Morning in Charlotte returns to Davis Park in Belmont, NC beginning this upcoming Saturday! John Rowley represented our group well when tasked with communicating our cause to the Belmont Parks & Recreation/Facility departments. Thank you John!

To break everything down, we do have permission to once again use the empty court in Davis Park for our pick-up games. This is contingent on our ability to be respectful and not disturb any of the tennis activities that may go on there (especially on Saturdays from what I gather) while we are playing. We haven’t received any specific rules or direction when it comes to this so I would say as long as we are not too loud, keep profanity to a minimum, clean up after ourselves, etc. I think we should be able to keep playing there.

I will bring a copy of the official email that gives us permission. I’ll give a few copies to Drew so in the event that I am on there, someone will have “proof” that we are permitted to play there. Hopefully the resident tennis pro will show us the same level of respect that we are to show him and his students.

If it does turn out that our games and the tennis lessons clash too much, we may have to move HMiC back to Sunday mornings but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.