CSH featured on the Hit The Dek Podcast!

Lou Harvatin and goalie extraordinaire Ryan Diaz were recently interviewed by the Hit The Dek Podcast! You can hear the interview (and other dek hockey tidbits) at the below link to the HTD podcast. Give them a listen and subscribe!



2018 RSHL Ironman C-Division Champions: Firebirds!

Here are your 2018 RSHL Ironman C-division champs, the Firebirds!
They defeated the Jesters, the other C-div team from Charlotte Street Hockey, 4-0! Dominating performance by the team in Red.
Thanks to the RSHL for hosting another great tournament!

#AlmostWinterClassic 7 Final Notes!

With less than one week until the 2017 Almost Winter Classic, thought it’d be the right time to go over some things.

First and foremost, if your schedule has changed and you cannot make it to the tournament, please cancel your sign-up as soon as possible and let me know that you have so that I can have one of the alternates take your place.

As mentioned previously, there will be NO WALK-ONS for this tournament (as there have been in the past). At present the rosters are full and any additional players would take away playing time from those already signed up.

There will be hot foods and such there but we will need additional things such as plates, chips, etc.
I have made a sign-up list for those items (link below). If you would like to contribute, sign up!
Donations towards the hot foods is always appreciated.

As most of you know, we lost one of our own this year and have honored him with the naming of the Almost Winter Classic trophy. We would like to take this one step further and will have a (cash) donation jar at the rink for anyone who would like to contribute toward the MS Society. We will collect the money and make a donation in his name.

The schedule has been posted but here’s a rundown of the tournament timeline:

  • Please show up at 11am! The draft is PROMPTLY at 11:30am. We will have nametags (no I’m not kidding) so that the goalies don’t have to point-and-pick.
  • This is a snake-draft tournament, “schoolyard style”. Runners will line up single file along the bench side boards (with their name tags affixed) and the goalies will start drafting to form their teams.
  • First game will begin at noon (or earlier if we’re ready)
  • Each team guaranteed 4 games (3 round robin, 1 elimination game)
  • Championship game will begin at 4pm

For a great many of you, this will be your first AWC so note that this is a competitive but friendly tournament. We always think of this as a fun event that just happens to have a trophy involved. Also there will be a few younger folks playing so show some restraint when playing against them (but not too much…they know what they’re doing out there!)


2017 Almost Winter Classic Ball Hockey Draft Tournament

2016 Almost Winter Classic Champions – Whalers!

The time has finally come…
The official sign-up for the 2017 Almost Winter Classic Ball Hockey Draft Tournament is below! (Time and date are in the body of the sign-up)
Let’s go over a few details:
• There are 6 starting goalie spots open. If by chance you are a goalie and did not sign up in time, there are also “alternate goalie” slots open as well. In case a starter can’t play, the first “alt-goalie” will move up to the starter spot.
• We are optimistically looking to fill 60 runner spots (6 teams, 10 runners each). We’ve been getting 20+ at regular pick-up games so this number does not seem out of reach. **If you are signing up for more than one person, please include their full name in the “comments” section.
• Registration ends Friday, November 24th at midnight. **No sign-ups will be accepted after that time unless we need to fill empty roster spots.
Reminder: if you cannot play for the entirety of the tournament (11:30 till 4pm including the pre-tournament draft and post-tourney eats), please do not sign up. This is in fairness to the teams as no one wants to have a player just leave in the middle leaving them a man or more short.
Format, rules and a somewhat special announcement will be posted in the coming weeks.



2017 Almost Winter Classic is coming soon!

A tender moment between captain and cup.

The official sign up for the 2017 edition of the Almost Winter Classic drops this FRIDAY, October 27th at NOON!!

We have had a large number of new members since the last AWC so I thought I’d take some time to let the newbies know what it’s all about…

First, a little history…on a cold December Saturday morning back in 2010, a small group of hockey enthusiasts (6 if I recall) gathered at Waymer Park to engage in some friendly pick-up street hockey games. One year later, a tournament was organized to celebrate that first game, affectionately named the (almost) Winter Classic. It was so successful that we’ve held one every year, on the first Saturday in December, ever since. The first 4 were held at our “home” Waymer Park, the last 2 have been held at the rink in the Morrison Family YMCA.

Now for some details:
DATE: Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 (rain date is the following Saturday, December 9th)
TIME: Plan on arriving at 11am as the draft is 11:30am SHARP! Games start at approximately Noon and the champion will be crowned sometime around 4pm.
LOCATION: The DeFeo Family Rink in the Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne, Charlotte.
COST: FREE TO ALL! This has always been an important part of the tourney as it’s a celebration as well as a competitive tournament. Donations are always welcome as some parts are self-funded.
FORMAT: Draft is “schoolyard style” (everyone lines up at 11:30 and the captains start making their selections). Game play is 4-on-4/5-on-5 (depending on how many sign up) with round robin games to determine seeding order for semi-final rounds.

As mentioned, this is not just a tournament, but also a celebration and a friendly gathering for all of our players. We do have a cookout during the tournament (hot foods, chili, chips, sweets, drinks, etc.) and players are encouraged to bring family members as well.

We are looking to field 6 teams with 10 runners per team but that number may be adjusted based on the number of player sign-ups.

Keep your eyes peeled for the sign up post THIS FRIDAY and feel free to hit us up with any questions.

Here’s to a great tournament!!






Below is the CSH Fall 2017 pick-up schedule! Note all dates and times are subject to change.

  • 10/1: Pick-up @ Waymer Park, Huntersville: 8-10AM
  • 10/4: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 7-9PM
  • 10/7: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 10-Noon
  • 10/11: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 7-9PM
  • 10/14: Pick-up @ Waymer Park, Huntersville: 8-10AM
  • 10/18: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 7-9PM
  • 10/21: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 10-Noon
  • 10/25: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 7-9PM
  • 10/28: Pick-up @ Waymer Park, Huntersville: 8-10AM
  • 11/1: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 7-9PM
  • 11/4: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 10-Noon
  • 11/8: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 7-9PM
  • 11/11: Pick-up @ Waymer Park, Huntersville: 8-10AM
  • 11/15: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 7-9PM
  • 11/18: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 10-Noon
  • 11/22: Pick-up @ Morrison Family YMCA, Ballantyne: 7-9PM
  • 11/25: Pick-up @ Waymer Park, Huntersville: 8-10AM