2016 #AlmostWinterClassic 12/3/16: News and notes

It looks like we’ll have a record turnout again this year. That large turnout sometimes poses a problem for scheduling as you want to have the players play as many games as possible and at the same time keep the tourney within a reasonable amount of time (3 hours this year).
I won’t go into too much detail here (everything is on the attached rules/format sheet) but here are some highlights:

• GPS friendly address: 9405 Bryant Farms Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277. If you haven’t been to the rink in a while, be warned. There’s some new construction and a traffic circle where there used to be a stop sign so it may not look as familiar as it used to.
• Each team is guaranteed 4 games…sort of (see below).
• Round robin games will be 7 minutes in length, running clock.
• Semi-final games will be 2 periods, 7 minutes in length (2 RR games + 2 semi-final periods = 4 “games”)
• Championship game will be 2 periods, 10 minutes in length.
• Goalies have first pick. (Subsequent picks are usually by committee).
• Draft begins PROMPTLY at 11:30 so please arrive by 11AM! ESPECIALLY GOALIES!!
• PLEASE BRING BOTH WHITE AND DARK SHIRTS! There’s a reason that was in all caps…very important note!!
• If you have goalie equipment, please bring it. You never know if you may have to jump into goal at some point.

We have plenty of napkins and forks left over from last year. Below is a list of other things we will need. If you plan to bring any of the below items, just comment below. Plan for 60+ people to be safe when purchasing.
• Small bowls
• Small and large plates
• Cups
• Ice
• Spoons
• Drinks (cans preferably so we don’t use too many cups)
• Chips and similar snacks

I hope this answers most questions. All other details are on the sheet at the below link.
I’ll be posting the game schedule tomorrow.
Can’t wait till Saturday!