2016 Spring Fling 3-on-3 tournament Champs!

IMAG0946Congrats to Team Tulip for winning that sweet-ass trophy! Undermanned but not undergunned, they outlasted the other 3 teams (along with a huge game by goalie Rafael Souffront) to capture the 2016 Spring Fling 3-on-3 championship!

Thanks to all of the participants!

FINAL Spring Fling 3-on-3 Mini-tourney Rosters!

Rosters for the Spring Fling 3-on-3 Mini-tourney have been created!

NOTE: there will be one trade per team allowed on game day (i.e. if Team A trades with Team B, that will count as a trade for both teams.) This should keep everything pretty even.


Final tournament rosters below!


RUNNER RJ Acquilano
RUNNER Allan Azali
RUNNER Kevin Bennett
RUNNER Caleb Brownlow
GOALIE Bryan Buchalski
RUNNER Drew Cswaykus
RUNNER Mike Dunn

RUNNER Jeff Kennedy
RUNNER Brian Laverde
RUNNER Mason Mcfetridge
RUNNER Ed Mosquera
GOALIE Rafael Souffront
RUNNER John Thoden
RUNNER Mark Duboski
RUNNER Bill Evans
GOALIE Mike Hubbard
RUNNER Moises Oliveros
RUNNER Keith Zoltanski
RUNNER Mark Zoltanski

RUNNER Vinne Ariemma
RUNNER Lou Harvatin
RUNNER Jerry Janiga
RUNNER Tommy Knox
RUNNER Darren Monaco
RUNNER Leo Settipani
GOALIE David Williams

Spring Fling 3-on3 Street Hockey Tournament


We are pleased to announce our first ever tournament at Davis Park this upcoming March 20th, 2016.
Here are a few details:
– 3 on 3 play (if it’s good enough for the NHL all-star game…)- 4 teams, 6 players per team maximum
– trophy of some kind for the winning team
– It’s FREE!

More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Click HERE to sign up!

2014ish Almost Winter Classic pics!!

Here’s some of the hot hockey action captured on that cold February day…

photo credits: Ryan DeFazio and Brandon Brownlow

Bumpy Assphalts…Almost Winter Classic Champions!


Congrats to Bumpy Assphalts for winning the oft rescheduled, fourth annual Almost Winter Classic at lovely Waymer Park in Huntersville, NC! They defeated Techno Destructos in the tournament finals 8 goals to 4.


Tournamant MVP Bryan Buchalski!

Tournamant MVP Bryan Buchalski!

A tender moment between captain and cup.

A tender moment between captain and cup.

As always, thanks to everyone who participated this year! The 5th AWC will be bigger and better than all the rest!


2014 Almost Winter Classic copyThe 21st of February is finally upon us. Time for the often delayed 4th annual Almost Winter Classic street hockey draft tournament!

Below are the rules/format and the game schedule. BE SURE TO READ THE RULES THOROUGHLY!!!Just a few important things to call out…

  • DRAFT IS PROMPTLY AT 8:30AM please plan to arrive around 8 as we will need help setting up and whatnot (FIRST GAME IS AT 9AM)
  • BRING WHITE AND DARK SHIRTS!!  I cannot stress this enough. NO GRAY, RED, YELLOW, ETC. Dark blue is acceptable.

CLICK HERE ——-> 2014 AWC rules

CLICK HERE ——-> 2014 AWC Game Schedule

News and Notes

Here are a few things in the works:

  • Obviously pick-up at Breakaway Sports has been a runaway success! In light of this I have scheduled all August Saturday pick-up games there. The fate of pick-up games at Waymer is at this time undecided. However, one option would be for another person to be “in charge” of Sunday Waymer pick-up (which means mainly “in charge” of storing/hauling the nets to the park and back).
  • Even though we found an indoor venue for our antics, I (and a few others) are still working on finding a suitable outdoor venue as well as getting in touch with local towns to see if a public rink or court is feasible.
  • I’m attempting to change over to a common scheduling format (something like Evite). This will help get an accurate headcount since I cover 3 different platforms for recruiting and scheduling. Probably starting with the August 2nd pick-up, I will be posting the invite on the Charlotte Street Hockey web page and then posting the link to Twitter, Facebook and email list.
  • Breakaway Sports is planning an Ironman sometime in August. One of the pick-ups scheduled may be affected.
  • Breakaway Sports has also been kicking around the idea of a league in the fall. I’ll keep you posted on any happenings there.
  • The Almost Winter Classic: the venue for this is TBD. Part of me says it should still be played at Waymer but another says an AWC at Breakaway could make it a “real” event. My intent is to keep it free as it has always been so maybe some corporate $ponsorship is in order? More to come.

As always, thanks to all who support this group by showing up and playing! I think that due to our popularity we have (finally) outgrown our roots at Waymer Park. That being said, I’m sure there are a few purists among us that will gladly play in the great outdoors once in a while. We’ll see how pick-ups go this month and go from there.